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Your partner in metal products sales in Estonia and Finland

Professional craftsmen with decades of experience in metalworking.

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Who are we?

Plastekor OÜ’s activities are the sale of metal products and glass plastic products (for glass plastic products see also plastekor.ee/en/fiberglass-products/) on the Estonian and Finnish markets. PlastekorMetall product manufacturers are professional craftsmen with decades of metalworking experience since 1963.

We supply agricultural machinery, woodworking equipment, metal building constructions, multilift containers, snow ploughs and many other metal products according to customer needs.

The products sold by PlastekorMetall are manufactured in the Põlva technical plant, which is equipped with three separate production rooms and has a total useful area of 3000m2.

Send us your wish and we’ll make it happen!

Multilift containers

Multilift containers

We specialise in waste collection and transport. Containers are by their nature convenient for both installation and filling....

Multilift tanks

Multilift tanks

Multilift frame water tanks are mainly used for transporting water in agriculture and road construction.

Multilift platforms

Multilift platforms

Transport platforms are designed for lifting and transporting heavy objects in different working environments.



Snow ploughs are tools designed to remove snow from roads, pavements and other surfaces.

What we are good at

We are committed to customer satisfaction and offer tailored solutions to meet your specific requirements.



Our expertise includes cutting, gas cutting, bending, turning, milling, stamping and welding.



We offer professional sandblasting, cleaning and high pressure painting services to ensure a high quality clean and finish for your surfaces.


Structural metalwork

We offer a wide range of load-bearing structures, stairs, platforms, fences, gates and metal doors.


Forestry equipment repair

We offer specialised forestry equipment repair services, including the repair and maintenance of masts, grapples and trailers.


Repair of Multilift containers and ash containers

We specialise in the repair of multi-lift containers and ash containers, providing high quality and environmentally friendly solutions for longer life.

How does the process work?

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Send a request

Write us your specific wishes by email

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Price quote

We will find out more detailed information about your request and prepare a price offer

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Forming the order

We agree on the terms and sign the contract

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We deliver the goods to the agreed address.


Buying containers is now easy!

We offer a wide range of high quality waste containers in different sizes. Our containers are designed for durability and safety to last. Check out our products, choose the container that suits your needs and make your purchase easy and convenient.

Quality, comfort and reliability are our priorities.

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